College Vision, Mission & Goals


The College is committed to providing accessible and responsive programs of education and research recognized nationally for their high quality. The College intends to be the institution of choice for regional students, business, and industry. As a community of scholars, the College will lead by example and with vision, inspiration, integrity and a shared sense of purpose. The College will promote a stimulating and productive environment of work, study, and scholarly inquiry for students, faculty and staff.

Through its programs in Engineering and Computer Science, the College:
  • Educates those who will contribute to the advancement of technical knowledge and who will be leaders in their profession.
  • Conducts basic and applied research in engineering, computer science and related interdisciplinary areas.
  • Provides service to the engineering and computer science professions, to the State of Florida, to the nation, and to the community at large.
The College's goals are results-oriented. As a community of scholars, the College will:
  • Encourage young people to consider careers in engineering and computer science by introducing them to these fields while in middle and high school.
  • Prepare our graduates in ways that provide them a basis for lifelong personal and professional development and that enables them to exercise leadership and make lasting contributions in their disciplines.
  • Continue on new roads of research and discovery in our existing areas of expertise, in emerging disciplines and in related interdisciplinary areas.
  • Provide the educational resources that working professionals need to keep pace with developments in their field.
  • Magnify our positive impact in serving regional, State, national, and global needs by building mutually beneficial linkages with business, industry, community colleges, K-12 programs and schools and other constituencies.