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flushing toilets

Flushing a Public Toilet? Don't Linger, Since Aerosolized Droplets Do

Flushing a toilet can generate large quantities of microbe-containing aerosols depending on the design, water pressure or flushing power of the toilet. A variety of pathogens are usually found in stagnant water as well as in urine, feces and vomit. When dispersed widely through aerosolization, these pathogens can cause Ebola, norovirus that results in violent food poisoning, as well as COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2.[...]

detect Alzheimers

NSF CAREER Award to Use Wearables and a Smartphone for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s

What if we could detect chronic medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s using the latest AI technology? A researcher at the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science was awarded a prestigious CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation to do exactly that.[...]

accurate testing

NSF CAREER Grant to Develop Automated Tests for Viral Infections

The number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in many states, but accurate testing options that produce rapid results are in short supply across the country. A researcher at the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science is working on a solution.[...]

Cryptography Theory

NSF CAREER Grant Aims to Improve Cryptography Theory and Practice

If you lost your cell phone, how secure would your personal information be from a potential hacker trying to steal your passwords and other sensitive information? Cryptography, or the study of techniques to ensure secure communication, is an increasingly popular field, and a researcher at the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science received a $500,000 CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation to delve further into this crucial topic.[...]

Weathering the Storm

FAU Technology Makes ‘Weathering the Storm’ More Precise

Researchers have installed 92 automated weather monitoring stations in seven counties in Florida, including Broward, Palm Beach and Martin counties; one county in Georgia; 12 counties in South Carolina; and in San Juan, Puerto Rico. [...]


Big Data Analytics Enables Scientists to Model COVID-19 Spread

The project leverages prior experience in modeling Ebola spread to successfully model the spread of COVID-19.[...]