2017-2018 Student Achievements

Undergraduate Ocean Engineering Student Published in Research Journal for Contributions to Hammerhead Shark Research

Publication: Journal of Experimental Biology, 2017

Faculty Lead: Marianne E. Porter, Ph.D., assistant professor of biological sciences and co-author of the study from the Biomechanics Laboratory in Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Lead Author: Sarah L. Hoffmann, Ph.D. student of biological sciences, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Undergraduate ocean engineering student, Steven Matthew Warren published as co-author in the Journal of Experimental Biology, for his contributions to the research titled "Regional variation in undulatory kinematics of two hammerhead species: the bonnethead (Sphyrna tiburo) and the scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini)."

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition Winners

Event Sponsor: FAU Graduate College, Oct. 3, 2017

Heat 2 Winner and People's Choice Winner

  • Eric Nieves, Ph.D., Ocean Engineering, "Multiple-Vehicle Based Underwater Sensing," Faculty Advisor: Prof. Pierre-Philippe Beaujean

First Runner-Up

  • Julia Roblyer, M.S., Civil Engineering, "Smell-O-Vision: Using Human Odorant Binding Protein to Measure Landfill Odors," Faculty Advisor: Prof. Dan Meeroff

Second Runner-Up

  • Catalina Aranzazu Suescun, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, "Spatio-Temporal Event Detection and Reporting in Mobile-Sink Wireless Sensors Networks," Faculty Advisor: Prof. Mihaela Cardei

FAU Team Wins International Solid Waste Student Design Competition

Event: Joint International Solid Waste Association World Congress/Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) annual Wastecon in Baltimore, Maryland, Sept. 24, 2017

Team Faculty Advisor: Dan Meeroff, Ph.D., Associate Chair and Professor Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

Team Members:

  • Rohan Sethi, Team Captain, M.S., Civil Engineering
  • Andrea Garcia, M.S., Civil Engineering
  • Lisandre Meyer, B.S., Civil Engineering
  • Bishow Shaha, Ph.D., Ocean Engineering
  • Matthew Swaney, B.S., Environmental Engineering