2017-2018 Student Achievements

Winners of 'IoT Hardware Hackathon' Announced

Event: IoT Hardware Hackathon, Feb. 21 - Feb. 22, 2018

Three teams of students from FAU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science recently took home a cash prize for winning FAU’s IoT Hardware Hackathon, Make FAU 2018, an annual event held during National Engineers Week. The Hackathon challenges teams to use their engineering skills to build and develop hardware applications.

The three winning teams, Team 2, Team 5 and Team 13, each took home a $100 prize. Team 2 included M. Kaan Tasbas, Adam Prey, Kavita Bran and C. Leo Herrera, while Team 5 included Juan Andoinaire-Villalobos, Greco Pinto Anguita, Luis Loreto and Santiago Alzalte Hurtado. Team 13 included Pablo Adell, David Izquierdo, Benjamin Dorcelus, Justin Dunn.

Civil Engineering Student Wins Prestigious Scholarship

Event: ASPRS Annual Conf. & Int'l Lidar Mapping Forum, Feb. 5 - 7, 2018

FAU graduate civil engineering student, Jason Blankenship, B.S.G.E. ‘17 won the Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship at the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Annual Conference and International Lidar Mapping Forum, that was held February 5 through 7, 2018 in Denver, Co.

Object-Seeking Robot Wins PennApps XVII

Event: PennApps XVII, Jan. 19 - 21, 2018

FAU undergraduate computer engineering student, Nazik Almazova with her teammates from the University of Pennsylvania won the grand prize at the PennApps XVII hackathon that was hosted January 19 through 21, 2018 at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, Pa. with their project "CloudChaser".

Civil Engineering Student Named Conference USA Offensive Player of the Week

Oct. 23, 2017 | Photo Credit: OwlAccess.com

FAU civil engineering student and redshirt junior quarterback Jason Driskel, was named the Conference USA Offensive Player of the Week! Driskel led the Owls in the game against North Texas.

Undergraduate Ocean Engineering Student Published in Research Journal for Contributions to Hammerhead Shark Research

Publication: Journal of Experimental Biology, 2017

Faculty Lead: Marianne E. Porter, Ph.D., assistant professor of biological sciences and co-author of the study from the Biomechanics Laboratory in Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Lead Author: Sarah L. Hoffmann, Ph.D. student of biological sciences, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Undergraduate ocean engineering student, Steven Matthew Warren published as co-author in the Journal of Experimental Biology, for his contributions to the research titled "Regional variation in undulatory kinematics of two hammerhead species: the bonnethead (Sphyrna tiburo) and the scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini)."

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition Winners

Event Sponsor: FAU Graduate College, Oct. 3, 2017

Heat 2 Winner and People's Choice Winner

  • Eric Nieves, Ph.D., Ocean Engineering, "Multiple-Vehicle Based Underwater Sensing," Faculty Advisor: Prof. Pierre-Philippe Beaujean

First Runner-Up

  • Julia Roblyer, M.S., Civil Engineering, "Smell-O-Vision: Using Human Odorant Binding Protein to Measure Landfill Odors," Faculty Advisor: Prof. Dan Meeroff

Second Runner-Up

  • Catalina Aranzazu Suescun, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, "Spatio-Temporal Event Detection and Reporting in Mobile-Sink Wireless Sensors Networks," Faculty Advisor: Prof. Mihaela Cardei

FAU Team Wins International Solid Waste Student Design Competition

Event: Joint International Solid Waste Association World Congress/Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) annual Wastecon in Baltimore, Maryland, Sept. 24, 2017

Team Faculty Advisor: Dan Meeroff, Ph.D., Associate Chair and Professor Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

Team Members:

  • Rohan Sethi, Team Captain, M.S., Civil Engineering
  • Andrea Garcia, M.S., Civil Engineering
  • Lisandre Meyer, B.S., Civil Engineering
  • Bishow Shaha, Ph.D., Ocean Engineering
  • Matthew Swaney, B.S., Environmental Engineering