M.S. Theses Supervised

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  2. Wayne Watt,"Controller Design of Smart Grid,” (April 2011).
  3. Rosana Melendez, "Power Management Model of a Hybrid Energy System,” Expected Graduation Date: April 2010 (Co-Chair).
  4. Max Walter Sealer, “Power and Fuel Management of a Golf Cart using Solar and PEM,” (Dec. 2006).
  5. Thomas Charles Landrin, “Optimal Implementation of 1-D and 2-D IIR Digital Filters with Lab view,” (Dec. 2004).
  6. Brieuc Corlay, “Pre-Processing Phase of a RO Plant using Labview,” Co-advisor (April 2003).
  7. Anucha Saengrung, “Identification of a Reverse Osmosis Plant,” (Dec. 2002).
  8. David Howard, "Fuzzy Controller Design for Robot Manipulators," (April 1997).
  9. Wazir Khaled, "Neural Network Predictions for Various Processes in an Oil Refinery," (August 1996).
  10. H. Huang, "Block Optimal Structures for Separable 2-D Digital Filters," (1992).
  11. Gautam, "2-D Approx. and Learning Control of Robot Manipulators," (1989).