Ph.D. Dissertations

  1. Ms. Hadis Moradi, “Optimal Energy Management of a Multi-sourced Microgrid,” expected completion date, Dec. 2017 (Co-Chair).
  2. Dr. Thomas Bennett, “Developing a Photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracking System,” Completed: August 2012.
  3. Dr. Anucha Saengrung, “Modeling and Control of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Systems,” Completed: August 2008.
  4. Dr. Hooman Yousofizadeh, “Fairness Index Selection in Bandwidth Allocation for Multicast ABR,” Completed: December 2006.
  5. Dr. Abbas Zadegan, “Optimum Performance Controller Design Using Closed-Loop Frequency-Domain Balanced Structures,” Completed: December 2004.
  6. Dr. Jafar Mutaz, "Design and Implementation of a Fully Automated Intelligent Control System for a Desalination Plant," Completed: December 2000.
  7. Dr. Dali Wang, "Identification and Design 1-D and M-D Digital Filters Using Neural Networks,” Completed: April 1998.
  8. Dr. Richard Diaz, "Fuzzy Identification Using Clustering Method," Completed: December 1996 (Co-Chair).
  9. Dr. H. CSU, "Derivation and Identification of Linearly Parameterized Robot Manipulator Dynamic Models," Completed: April 1992.