Elias Bou-Harb

Elias Bou-Harb, Ph.D.
  • Asst. Professor and Dir. CTI Lab and FloridaSOAR
  • Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • 777 Glades Road, EE 503B
  • Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991
  • p: 561.297.4840
  • ebouharb@fau.edu


Research Interests

  • Operational Cyber Security
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Investigation
  • Internet Measurement


Carnegie Mellon University
Host: Prof. Bruno Sinopoli, Topic: Critical Infrastructure Security

Personal Site

Dr. Bou-Harb

Current Sponsored Research

  1. CyberTraining CIP: Cyberinfrastructure Expertise on High-throughput Networks for Big Science Data Transfers
    • National Science Foundation
    • Co-PI: Elias Bou-Harb
    • 2018-2021
    • $500,000
  2. CRII: OAC: Inferring, Attributing, Mitigating and Analyzing the Malicious Orchestration of Internet-scale Exploited IoT Devices: A Network Telescope Approach
    • National Science Foundation
    • PI: Elias Bou-Harb
    • 2018-2020
    • $175,000
  3. Software Defined Network (SDN)-Based Attack-Resilient Smart Grid Sensor Network: PMU Placement, Self-Healing Algorithm Design and Network Topology Design
    • Florida Center for Cyber Security
    • Co-PI: Elias Bou-Harb
    • 2018-2019
    • $75,000

Selected Publications

  1. Farooq Shaikh, Elias Bou-Harb, Nataliia Neshenko, Andrea Patrice Wright, Nasir Ghani. "Internet of Malicious Things: Correlating Active and Passive Measurements for Inferring and Characterizing Internet-scale Unsolicited IoT Devices." IEEE Communications Magazine, 2018.
  2. Fachkha, Claude, Elias Bou-Harb, Anastasis Keliris, Nasir Memon, and Mustaque Ahamad. "Internet-scale probing of cps: Inference, characterization and orchestration analysis." In The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS), 2017.
  3. Bou-Harb, Elias, Chadi Assi, and Mourad Debbabi . "Csc-detector: A system to infer large-scale probing campaigns." IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC), 2016.